Fueled and Fit (60 Day Nutrition/Fitness Challenge)

Whether you want to lose weight, clean up your diet, or improve your fitness level, the KEY TO SUCCESS is having a group of people to KEEP YOU MOTIVATED, provide support, and hold you accountable!  With the 60 Day Rock Your Resolution Challenge, you’ll get that and MORE!

You’ll learn how to set goals and get the accountability and support you need to achieve them!  You’ll learn how to lose weight by eating healthy, balanced meals and without depriving yourself of the foods you love or counting calories! You’ll receive valuable information on how to fuel your body for maximum results, eat healthy on a budget, conquer cravings, manage your time and stress, decipher nutrition labels, and meal plan in minutes!  Plus, you’ll get at-home workouts, healthy recipes, done-for-you meal plans and shopping lists, and a ton of other great resources!

This program is broken up into 9 modules (each approximately 1 week), which are:

MODULE 1: Finding Your WHY, Smart Goal Setting, and Creating Daily Action Steps
MODULE 2: Overcoming Obstacles and the Secret to Staying Motivated
MODULE 3: Breaking Bad Habits, Conquering Cravings, and Building Positive Habits
MODULE 4: Food as Fuel (Nutrition 101)
MODULE 5: Grocery Shopping Guidelines and Eating Healthy on a Budget
MODULE 6: Deciphering Food Labels
MODULE 7: Meal Planning Made Easy
MODULE 8: Stress and Time Management
MODULE 9: Maintaining Your Results (How to Make it a Lifestyle Change)

In this 9-week online group program we’ll discuss:

  • SMART Goal Setting & Finding Your WHY
  • The “Golden Rule” for Habit Formation
  • How Positive Self Talk and Proper Self Care Impact Your Success
  • Proper Nutrition and Eating for Energy (without calorie counting!)
  • How to Overcome Emotional Eating and Conquer Carb Cravings
  • Practical Strategies for Eating Healthy on a Budget and Grocery Shopping Tips
  • How to Decipher Food Labels (including the BEST and WORST foods for your body)
  • Meal Planning Made Simple (plus dozens of quick, healthy, family-friendly meals)
  • Pre- and Post-Workout Nutrition to Maximize Your Results
  • Tips for Stress Management and Better Sleep
  • How to Break Through Your Weight Loss Plateau and Reach Your Goal Weight
  • Time Saving Tips to Increase Your Productivity
  • Fail Proof Strategies for Staying Motivated

Your 60-day Transformation Includes:

• Live Kick-Off Call to make sure you START OFF RIGHT!

• Daily Fitness and Nutrition Tips in a Private Online Group Forum (i.e. Private Facebook Group)

• Optional Workouts to Sculpt, Tone, and Burn Crazy Amounts of Calories!

• Weekly Healthy Meal Plans with Shopping Lists

• DAILY Accountability and Support

• Weekly Check Ins with a Health and Fitness Coach to Track Your Progress

• BONUS Handouts, including: SMART Goal Setting to Set You Up for Success, Habits Assessment, Weekly Menu Planner Template, Portion Control Guidelines, Super Simple Meal Planning Tips, Identifying Food Triggers, Overcoming Emotional Eating and Cravings, Positive Self Talk, Eating Healthy on a Budget, 15 Ideas for Better Sleep, 22 Time Saving Tips, and Fail Proof Strategies for Staying Motivated

I created this program because I wanted to be able to help people IN ALL STAGES OF THEIR HEALTH AND FITNESS JOURNEY – regardless of whether they already eat healthy or if they haven’t worked out in years.  This group is all about focusing on small, daily habits and turning them into positive lifestyle changes that will leave you feeling more energetic, healthier, and happier!  EVERYONE can benefit from this group!


If you’re thinking I JUST DON’T HAVE THE TIME to commit to something else, I get it! I have 3 young kids of my own, a husband who works long hours, and a million other responsibilities. However, I will tell you that TAKING THE TIME TO TAKE CARE OF YOUR HEALTH will positively impact all others areas of your life! It WILL be worth it!

“I was on the fence about joining because I did not want to add one more task to my daily routine. I wanted to procrastinate because my goals seemed too overwhelming to me. Jen patiently laid out the program and the easy daily steps that I would need to take to accomplish my goals. It was easier than I expected! Her program has changed my life. I have gained valuable skills that I will use for a lifetime. These changes I have made have affected my family in a positive way and I can’t wait to join the next program she offers.” - Heidi

If you’re CONCERNED ABOUT COST, I invite you to consider these questions:

HOW IMPORTANT is it to you to lose the weight, get in better shape, prepare nutritious meals for your family, and/or be healthier? Would you INVEST $2/DAY IN YOUR HEALTH if you knew you would have more energy; be more motivated; have DAILY support and accountability; receive done-for-you meal plans with shopping lists; improve your mood, self-image, and overall health; and finally REACH YOUR HEALTH AND FITNESS GOALS?

“I made huge improvements to my eating routine, habits, and meal plans. I am eating better, using more portion control, and making healthier choices. I tried new recipes, stayed on track, started factoring in exercise, and lost 15.6 pounds in 6 weeks!” - Bryan

How often do you spend $10 or more at a fast food restaurant or for quick, prepared (unhealthy) meals? What it is worth to you to have a customized action plan with simple, daily steps that will help you reach your goals?  To get weekly meal plans with healthy, quick, kid-friendly meals? To be able to have all of your health and fitness questions answered? To get one-on-one support, have DAILY ACCOUNTABILITY, and be a part of an encouraging, supportive environment where people CARE ABOUT YOU and WILL KEEP YOU MOTIVATED TO REACH YOUR GOALS?

“I am so excited and motivated about working out now! I have never had such a great support system and I am incredibly motivated to do this seeing as I have others who feel exactly as I do and that I have people who are also counting on me. The group has already started helping me make great changes in my health and in turn HOW I FEEL ABOUT EVERYTHING! My mood and outlook are changing daily!" – Emily

If you’re thinking this all SOUNDS great, but you’re JUST NOT MOTIVATED OR ARE FEELING TOO OVERWHELMED TO TAKE THAT FIRST STEP, know that I will meet you wherever you are in your journey and help you move forward with small, daily steps to get to where you want to be!

“Jen has a way of gently and patiently challenging you. She believes in you and it is contagious!” - Heidi

“Jen is a great motivator and is easy to communicate with. She does a great job of understanding your goals and working with you to determine what is best for you. She also participates in the groups she runs by posting daily updates, talking about her own real life struggles, and providing constant support.” - Bryan

“Through Jen's accountability group she helped me focus on one goal at a time and change small daily habits. This kept me from feeling overwhelmed, and her weekly check-ins helped me celebrate my successes, even if they were small. Seeing how Jen juggles a busy season of life with 3 young kids was really helpful to me. Jen shared countless practical tips about nutrition, meal planning, and stress and time management. My biggest take away was not only that I SHOULD do something every day for my health, but HOW to actively plan and persevere to make that happen!” -Lauren

Are YOU ready to take that next step to do something for your health? Let me help you MAKE THAT HAPPEN!  Don’t miss out on the next opportunity to participate in this group!

If you are still on the fence or would like more information, please e-mail me so we can schedule a time for me to answer your questions.