Focused Nutrition is a science-backed, self-paced nutrition coaching program that will help you lose weight, have more energy, and implement sustainable lifestyle changes, one habit at a time. 

Research shows that clients have the highest chance of success - over 80% - when they practice one habit consistently before introducing a new habit.  When just two new habits are introduced simultaneously, the success rate plummets and clients revert back to their old behaviors.  For this reason, Focused Nutrition follows a habits-based approach rather than a diet-based approach. 

As a Holistic Health and Fitness Coach, I don't advocate for a "single best diet" because I don't think there is a one-size-fits-all solution.  Every individual has different preferences, goals, readiness, willingness, and ability.  Effective coaching takes each of these factors into account to design a program that meets the needs of the individual and moves at a pace comfortable for them.

My personalized, client-centered coaching will meet you where you are, assess what you need, and move you to where you want to with daily support, accountability, and a library of valuable resources to help you put new habits into practice.  We will focus on raising nutritional awareness and mindfulness, food quality and quantity, eliminating nutritional deficiencies, and addressing others factors (e.g. stress, exercise) that affect your overall health (1).  You'll discover how to ditch the diet mentality, focusing less on restriction and more on living-giving foods that will fuel your body to perform at it's peak.  I'll help you find balance and freedom with food and build sustainable change that enables you to reach your health and wellness goals.

To begin your customized coaching program, please complete the forms under "Initial Assessments & Questionnaires" and schedule a follow-up session with me to determine your next steps.


Based on your assessment data and weekly progress, we'll work through select habits from the options below and practice them consistently (typically 1-3 weeks), before progressing to the next habit.   To increase consistency, review this information on forming positive habits.  Click on the habit to access the suggested activities and resources.  (All content is password protected for those in the Focused Nutrition program.)


A healthy lifestyle goes beyond proper nutrition to include exercise, time management, sleep, stress and other facts that affect our overall health and well-being.  In this part of the program, we'll work together to develop lifestyle habits that will support the nutrition practices you're putting into place.  With accountability and support, these habits will become part of your daily routine and develop into a complete lifestyle change.


Now that you've put healthy lifestyle habits into place, it's time to celebrate your successes and pay it forward, allowing your story to inspire someone else to live a healthier, more focused life!