My Testimony

My Testimony

Before coming to Christ…

I had a religion (not a relationship).
I was driven (self-serving).
I felt the need to prove myself to others and win their acceptance.
I determined my self-worth largely by my personal accomplishments and society’s definition of success.
I held on to past hurts and let unforgiveness breed bitterness and resentment.

God called me to have a personal relationship with Him.  In a state of brokenness, when I realized I couldn’t do it on my own, I turned to Him.  I admitted that I needed Him.  I asked for His forgiveness.  I asked Him to cleanse me of the negative emotions that were holding me back and fill me with the Holy Spirit.  I let go of my selfish ambitions to seek His purpose for my life.  It was through my relationship with Him that I found it.

At the age of 35 I said “yes” to God and fully surrendered my life to Him.  I surrendered my will for His will and committed to following Him.  The result has been LIFE CHANGING.

God is transforming me…

From Driven (self-serving) to Devoted (God-serving)
From Desiring to See My Name in Lights to Desiring to Desiring to Let His Light Shine Through Me
From Self-Serving to Self-Sacrificing
From Bitter to Better (finally learning how to let go)
From Focused on Proving Myself to Others to Focused on Improving Myself
From Determining My Self-Worth by What Others Say to Finding My Self-Worth in Knowing Christ and What He Did for Me

God is showing me…

How to turn my problems into provisions.
How to bring purpose from pain.
How to focus less on my troubles by serving others.
How to give thanks and notice goodness in all circumstances.
How to allow the trials in my life to teach me perseverance so that I may become mature and complete.

God is teaching me what it means to…

Love Unconditionally
Give Generously
Serve Selflessly
Forgive Wholeheartedly
Trust in Him Completely

He is enabling me to…

Let go of bitterness, resentment, guilt, worry, fear, and my past mistakes so that I can grow into the person He has called me to be and look at every moment as an opportunity to start fresh and put His word into practice.

I have learned that having faith in Him means…

Believing in order to see, not seeing to be able to believe.
Finding true joy in Him, not seeking happiness through my circumstances.
Giving my life to Him to gain something much greater and more significant in return.

God is giving me…

A new perspective on life (an eternal perspective).
A passion to love and serve Him.
A passion to love and serve others, to help them find their true purpose, and grow to reach their full potential.
A true purpose (to inspire others to be the best version of themselves so they can go out and inspire others).

Everyone can experience a more purposeful, fulfilling life through knowing Christ.

We can stop existing (being in survival mode) and start living with passion, purpose, and perseverance…
Running with endurance the race that is set before us (Hebrews 12:1).

I am broken, but He is making me beautiful.  A “beautiful mess,” but beautiful nonetheless.  Now I’m allowing my “mess” to be a message to you.  I want others to experience the peace and encouragement that I receive from Him so that they can overcome the obstacles holding them back and live out God’s purpose for their life.

There is a better life out there waiting for you if you’ll say “yes” to Him.

Can you open your mind and your heart to receiving Him?
Can you ask Him to come into your life and make Himself real to you?
Will you allow Him to transform your brokenness into something beautiful and/or use your story to transform someone else’s life?

We are His masterpiece and our brokenness, in His hands, can be made beautiful.

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