Amy Strasser (21 Day Jump Start Program)

I continue to integrate the workouts into my regular running plan and am hitting better paces because of the strength I’ve gained.  The diet plan is insanely easy to fit in.  It is fun, easy, and effective.


When I approached Jen about her 21 Day Challenge, I had intended for the program to serve as a strength-training boost to my regular running plans.  Then, right before I was going to start, a malignant mole was found on the top of my foot during a routine skin scan. The surgery to remove that and subsequent recovery took me out of running and all forms of exercise for 4 months!  I felt sluggish and far less strong when I was ready to get back into shape. When I was ready to return, I connected with Jen and decided to complete her 21 Day Challenge before going back to my runner’s training program, since I was essentially starting from scratch.

I was not very strong when I began 21-day fix, but it didn’t matter. You can start from zero, or you can jump in as an athlete in good condition. The workouts are well balanced and so straightforward. I did not spend half on my workout just trying to figure out what the moves were as with some other aerobic and workout plans. Each exercise is so simple but extremely effective. I would look at the moves and think, “Oh, that’s so easy, I wonder if it’s working.” Well, I was able to feel the next day that it was working! Each day is a different workout, so there is no room for boredom. You can see yourself getting stronger and accomplishing more every week. You don’t even count reps – you just do as many as you can in 1 minute. It helps refocus your mind on doing your best, not focusing on how many counts you have left before you can stop.

The diet plan is also insanely easy to fit in. I didn’t count calories; I didn’t need to weigh anything. All I had to do was fill the color-coded containers with the amount of food I could have for that food group and eat. That was perfect for me because I don’t like anything complicated or fussy with food. I just want to fuel myself. And I found that, for once, it was actually easy for me to eat the correct amount of protein in a day, something I typically fall short on.

As for my results, I can say my jeans had room in them even right out of the dryer!  I felt better about the way I looked overall. I could see a difference in 21 days, but the best part was when I was ready to go out for my first run.  I was prepared for feeling winded and needing to stop, because that’s how starting over was before. Well, I went out and coasted steadily through the 20 minutes for 2 miles. It felt easy! I was so, so surprised. I know that was all because of the 21-day fix strength and cardio workouts. And even later in the running program, when the speed workouts started, I was hitting better paces right from the start because of the strength I’d gained. The 21-day fix is fun, easy, and effective. I have continued to use the workouts by integrating them into my regular running plan. I love it!”