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At Fueled Fit Focused, we encourage and inspire women to achieve a complete, lasting transformation through focused nutrition, fitness, family, and faith. We strive to build a community of like-minded individuals committed to improving all aspects of their health and living with greater purpose and intention.

What We’re About

Fueled Fit Focused is about fueling your mind, body and spirit so you can grow in all aspects of your life; reach your maximum potential; and achieve a true, lasting transformation. It's about getting physically fit, but also emotionally and spiritually fit so that you can overcome challenges, learn from them, and become a better person because of them. You'll gain valuable resources to stay focused on your health and fitness goals, but more importantly you will discover the power of a focused life!


If you are looking to experience a true transformation from the inside out – a complete “makeover” of the mind, body, and spirit – then you're in the right place. Unlike most programs that focus only on the external, my online “challenge groups” and one-on-one coaching programs address all aspects of your health and well-being to create sustainable habits that result in a true transformation and a complete lifestyle change.

Join our FB community and gain access to free resources to help you live a more focused life, ongoing support, and accountability to reach your goals.

About Fueled Fit Focused

Discover the Power of a Focused Life

There's tremendous power in leading a focused life. It all starts with setting clear goals and making a commitment to following through. Find out how here.

Transform Your Life From the Inside Out

A true transformation - one that is sustainable and which will not lead back to the same, unhealthy habits - occurs from the inside out. Check out these real life testimonies.

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