Clean Week Challenge (Nov. 6-12)

Do you want to start building healthier eating or exercise habits, but aren’t sure where to begin, aren’t ready to make a long-term commitment, or just want to ease in slowly?

If so, I’ve got a challenge for you!

Clean Week is a new nutrition and fitness program designed to help you start implementing healthy habits, lose weight, and have more energy in just seven days!  But, it doesn’t stop there!

Just for joining, you’ll receive a complementary coaching call with me to help determine your next steps and create a customized action plan to keep you moving forward after the 7-day challenge ends.


Clean Week is a beginner level fitness and nutrition program designed to help you kick-start healthy habits that can lead to a lifestyle change.  You’ll get four 30-minute workouts (cardio, strength, core function, and active flex) that can be streamed from your phone, laptop, or any other device with wifi.  Each workout includes easy-to-follow exercises and modifications for those just starting out or with physical limitations.










Along with the workouts, you’ll receive a step-by-step meal planner with over 30 healthy recipes, a week’s supply of Shakeology (a complete nutrition shake), and a Quick Start Guide that shows you how to get started in three simple steps. This program is perfect for individuals who have trouble sticking to a fitness or nutrition program, who know they need to make a change but aren’t sure where to begin, or who need extra support and accountability to get back on track.


With your purchase of the Clean Week Program ($29.95), you’ll have the option of being added to a private online accountability group.  As a member of this group, you’ll receive daily fitness and nutrition tips, daily check-ins to hold you accountable, and tons of valuable resources to help you put healthy habits in place.  You’ll also have 24/7 access to a Holistic Health & Fitness Coach (that’s me) to guide, motivate, and encourage you!

As your coach, I am your cheerleader, but I am also an educator and a change facilitator.  With a background in Education; a Masters of Life Sciences; extensive coursework in nutrition, biochemistry, and human physiology; and 6+ years of experience as both a teacher coach and Health and Fitness Coach, you can trust that I will provide you with the knowledge, resources, and accountability you need to create sustainable change and achieve the transformation you desire.  While change takes time, Clean Week is a great starting point to begin implementing healthier habits.  Once the program ends, we’ll talk about next steps and outline a plan that will allow you to progress toward your goals at a pace comfortable for you.


To join this group, please complete the following three steps by October 31st:

Step 1: Subscribe to my blog, Fueled Fit Focused, to stay in communication with me before, during, and after the group ends.  As a subscriber, you’ll also gain access to tons of valuable resources of living a healthy, focused life. To subscribe, click here.

Step 2: Purchase the Clean Week Shakeology Shake Sampler.  Click HERE for the Regular Sampler and HERE for the Vegan Sampler.  With the purchase of the sampler you’ll receive the Eating Plan and Quick Start Guide. (To access the workouts, visit Beachbody On Demand and click on the Clean Week icon.)

Step 3: After completing steps 1 & 2, click here to be added to our private support and accountability group on Facebook.  I will begin posting to this group on Monday, October 30th, one week prior to our start date.  The challenge will run from November 6th – 12th.


Yes!  If you’d like to order the Shakeology sampler and Eating Plan or try out the Clean Week workouts on Beachbody on Demand (for free), you can certainly do that.  However, as a member of the group you’ll gain access to additional resources and meal plans, ongoing support, and a free coaching call to map out your next steps after the challenge ends.

Note:  If you are a new customer, you’ll be asked to create a FREE account when you place your order and/or try out the Clean Week workouts. When asked if you were referred by a coach, please check the “yes” box and enter my Coach ID: 235948.  Thank you!

If you have any additional questions about the upcoming challenge, please post them on the Clean Week Fitness and Nutrition Challenge Event Page or email me.  Thank you!

** Want to check out a Clean Week sample meal plan and preview the Quick Start Guide to decide if it’s right for you?  Visit the Subscribers Page on my blog and see “Clean Week Docs” under Physical Health.  Not already a subscriber?  Click here to subscribe and gain access!

(All Photos Courtesy of Beachbody, LLC)

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